Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 10, 2006

Home School?

Wednesday 11/09, we met home schooled students with their mother, the mother started to speak about the home schooling, and gave us some information about that.

She has three children, a son, 11; daughter, 9; and other son, 6; years old, all of them are home schooled. She gives them different classes and materials, and they don’t have divide up the year into semesters or quarters they are free. The materials are different than which in public or privet schools. And than answered all my classmates questions about the home school.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The five people you meet in heaven

Hi, everyone

I have been reading the novel for four weeks, I am enjoying reading, because it has easy meaning to understand. It is my first time to read a novel with focus in English. In fact I don’t like listening that’s why I think I didn’t enjoy listen to the story.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ejected Seitz watches Terps fall to Eagles

The men's soccer team lost its second straight game Saturday night

Goalkeeper forced to sit out after red card, will miss team's next game

when the Terps play at home, they normally don't have a problem getting the win.

But in Saturday night's game, the normal didn't happen.

My friend and I, we watched the game. we hoped the Terps win, but Unfortunately they lost the game 1-3

Field trip to Harpers Ferry on Oct. 12

MEI students had field trip to Harpers Ferry at West Virginia on Oct. 12. Harpers Ferry is a town in Jefferson County, West Virginia. We spent a wonderful time there, and we got great pictures.

After we arrived there in the town, I was surprised, because it’s so beautiful. I have been to: Natural Heritage, Transportation, Industry, Africa-American History, John Brown, and the Civil War.

I am really thinking to go again to this town.


Weekend on of 7-8, on Saturday, I went to the Washington DC, and I met my friends. And then we went to Tyson’s corner. We watched a movie and we ate dinner there, and then I went back to my home.

003 Updat

Hi, everyone

I have been learned a lot in the class, grammar, read, and write. I learned new things, like how to use, so, too, neither, not either, and but. Since our class I met new students, I studied a lot of stuff.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Terps top Duke amid electric atmosphere

I was there at 5:00 pm, I saw the game!!!

Prior to the game thousands of fans swarmed to the bleachers at Ludwig Field, and hundred more waited outside, hoping to get in. So many people wanted to see the game that some avoided police and hopped fences just to catch a glimpse. At 8:00 pm in the Terrapin men’s soccer game against Duke on Friday, the game began. And we were so excited friends’ and me, because of the attenders number. Both of them plaied well, and at the minuet’s 20, Terps score. The game ended 1-0 for the Terps.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lunch on sep. 12

Nina and my classmates went to the Dairy for lunch, but I did not go, because I want to eat from Mac. Instead of that because I did not go, I went two times with my classmates to the Dairy, but unfortunately Nina was not with us.

Impressions of MEI (Week 1)

Actually, I have been studying for three semesters, and this semester (Fall2006) it will be the last semester for me at the MEI. In my opinion I think MEI is the best place to study English, because it has an excellent staff. I'm really looking forward to get high score this semester at MEIPE.


First Look Fair

When I got out said the MEI I was surprises, because I have seen a lot of students out there. I went to the culture, Arab, health, and the government organization sections, and got some brochures. Almost I took four hours to get information. Unfortunately I did not interesting in any thing.
I think it is very useful and helpful for students.

My speaking partner

On Thursday 09/21, I met Charles who is my speaking partner. We introduced ourselves to each other, and he began to talk about himself. He is working at McKeldin Library at the University of Maryland, and he is married. We decided to meet every week in the coffee hour on Wednesday’s.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Today's lunch and Announcement

Instead of going to the Dairy I went today 9/18/06 to the Food Coop, with my teacher Nina and classmates. Nina took pictures of us, and after that everyone went to his favorite restaurant. Actually I had a chicken sandwich and Nina with some of the students ordered from the food coop and the others went to different places.

Announcement: ^_^….
To my classmates: tomorrow Hyosung and I are going to the Dairy. If you would like to come with us, we will go after class at 11:55 am.